Welcome to the Concrete Palace  

love, life and relationships

ConcretePalace is inspired by my Aunt Bridget’s singing and song writing about her trials and tribulations. Love over lust, loyalty over a lie When2Worlds Collide. 


Expressing myself without saying a word..


Writing to me is like music to my soul. Everyone expresses themselves in a different way, that’s the beauty in it all. I know not all will see what I see & I came to realize that there is nothing better than your very own thoughts. Writing allowed me to connect to who I was as a person, It allowed me to understand how to connect with others. In a world where people want you to be everything your not-writing keeps me so grounded. I really hope my writing inspires my audience as a they use my work to reflect throughout themselves & through their own lives.

And so, If only one person has been influenced, inspired, or so much as touched by my words in any way.. I have already done what I needed to do.


Sending love wherever I go. Writing it in concrete to last both myself and my readers a lifetime. I hope you all enjoy.

Connections by KC